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Car Line Procedures

All vehicles in our carlines will need a PPS Car Rider tag hanging from the rear view mirror.  This tag is a requirement for picking up a child.  We will use the first week of school to get everyone used to this new safety measure. Beginning on August 15th, any vehicle without a PPS car rider tag will be asked to pull to the front of the school, park, and come inside to show identification to pick up your child.
We have also added a new afternoon carline for 2nd grade students.  This new car line is only for afternoon. We will continue to use the front carline for both 1st and 2nd grade students in the morning.  If you have multiple children at PPS, we always default to the youngest child for the carline.  Our 2nd grade and Kindergarten lines will begin loading at 2:15pm and our 1st grade line will begin loading at 2:30.
Please make sure your car is in park and you are off your cell phone while we are loading students.  You may leave your car running to stay cool, but it must be in park if you are in the loading zone.  Keep an eye on the traffic director and she will direct you when it is safe to pull forward.  We will be taking our time loading cars to ensure everyone is safe. Please be patient with us as we all get back into the routine of school - it may take a few extra minutes these first few weeks until everyone is comfortable with the new afternoon lines, the new car rider sign, and adjusting to school hours.
We are looking forward to a great 16-17 school year.  Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions.