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Mississippi State non-teaching majors in the College of Education

Kinesiology is the largest major on the MSU campus and it’s a part of the COLLEGE OF EDUCATION. Students who want to become PHYSICAL THERAPISTS, OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS, ATHLETIC TRAINERS, ETC. are a part of our Kinesiology Program. 
Students who are interested in pursuing a career in SPEECH PATHOLOGY are part of our Educational Psychology Program. We have a partnership with MUW in Columbus which allows students to take all the prerequisite courses required for entry into a master’s in Speech Pathology as part of their undergraduate degree program. This prevents students from having to take 1-2 semesters of prerequisite coursework after their bachelor’s degree!
  • Industrial Technology is an awesome major for students who are interested in the hands-on aspects of engineering. This degree has a 95% or higher job placement after graduation. Many of these students are hired as Industrial Engineers and other related positions.
  • Information Technology Services is another non-teaching degree in the College of Education that would be a great fit for students who enjoy working with computers – creating web pages, computer support, instructional design, digital publishing, etc. 
Amy Prisock
Recruitment Coordinator
College of Education
Phone: 662-325-8824