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Edgenuity FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Edgenuity Virtual Learning 

Petal Middle School


How do I know how my child is doing each day?

“You should be receiving a daily email from Edgenuity on their progress.”  

Email Leah Avenmarg ( if not receiving emails. 


How will my child’s attendance be taken?

“Your child must log into Edgenuity each school day to be counted present. If they do 

not log into Edgenuity, they will be counted absent.”


How does my student see they are behind?

“Progress is shown on each course tile on the student’s Homescreen. Each tile is labeled as either Ahead, On track, or Behind. Ask your student to open up their Course map through one of the course tiles on their Homescreen. The Course Map shows a list of tasks per day the student is supposed to complete. It also lists how many assignments are overdue at the top of the course map. Your student can also open their Course Report for a list of all assignments with due dates, dated submitted, and grades.”    Watch the Course Map video for more information or go to the Edgenuity Student Manual


Does my student need to take notes?

“Yes, students must take notes. Notes can be used during tests and must be submitted at the end of each course. Students have three options for note-taking - eNotes, guided notes, or hand-written notes. See the Policies and Procedures guide for more details. Also, students can visit the Edgenuity Help Center to find helpful videos on note-taking.”  

Petal Middle School Edgenuity Virtual Learning 2020-2021 Policy & Procedures  


If Edgenuity has a glitch, what should my student do?

First, have your student log out of Edgenuity (not the browser), wait for 2 minutes and then log back in. If that does not solve the issue, have the student log out again and clear the browser cache - steps for clearing cache. Check the troubleshooting tips guide if the problem persists or email


How can my student troubleshoot through the Edgenuity system?

“Have your student go to the Edgenuity Homescreen or dashboard. Click the down-arrow next to the student’s name and the help center for frequently asked questions. For Troubleshooting technical issues click here


How much time should my student spend on each class?

“Students are expected to spend approximately one hour each day on each class. Students should use the Course Map assignment list with dates as a guide to remain on track. Your student can also use the example posted on the Petal Middle School website for Virtual Learning.”


If my student returns to traditional school, what will be their student grades?

“Your child will receive the Actual Grade that they had in Edgenuity at the time they re-enroll in traditional.” More information about the Actual Grade


When can my child return to school and how do we need to do that?

“Your child can return to traditional learning at the end of a term. Before the next term begins, please email your child’s counselor and to let them know your student will be returning to school.”  


How can I see what my child is doing on Edgenuity each day?

“Have your child go to the drop-down arrow next to their name. Choose PROFILE. Choose ATTENDANCE REPORT. The Attendance Report shows their session time, time spent on each class, idle time, and number of activities completed. You can filter by date or week and you can also download/print the report. On average, a student should complete 3 activities for every 30 minutes on Edgenuity.”