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Edgenuity Virtual Learning Policies & Procedures 2020-2021

  Petal Middle School 

     Edgenuity Virtual Learning 2020-2021 

Online Learning Policies & Procedures 

Student Guidelines & Expectations 

  • Preparedness 

○ Students will receive an email with their Edgenuity login information. 

○ Prior to beginning an Edgenuity course, students must watch the orientation video. The video will begin as soon as you log in for the first time. 

○ The orientation video will give helpful information and will always be available if you need to refer to it again. 

○ Students are expected to check their school email twice a day for information about their virtual learning classes. 

  • Attendance 

○ Students are expected to log on to Edgenuity each day before 11:00 a.m. and complete the assigned coursework each day for all classes. Attendance will be taken each day. 

○ Follow the Course Map/Assignment Calendar for each course to stay on track. The course map is found by selecting the title of a class on the student’s dashboard. 

  • Notebooks 

Notebooks, eNotes, or Guided Notes are required

Notes MUST be turned in to the Edgenuity teacher at the conclusion of the course

  • Note-Taking 

○ Students are required to take handwritten notes, take eNotes, or complete Guided Notes for each Edgenuity course. The orientation video will explain where to find eNotes and Guided Notes. 

○ Notes may be used for quizzes and tests. 

○ Please refer to note-taking requirements below and/or the online course orientation. ● Assessments 

○ Students are given 2 attempts for each assessment. Students may use their notes, eNotes, or guided notes for quizzes and tests. 

○ Quizzes and Tests will be taken at home. 

○ Students are expected to request assistance from the staff as needed. Ask for help! The student will email for assistance if needed.

  • Defined passing thresholds 

○ A score of 65% on a test is required to advance to the next lesson. 

○ Students may take an assessment twice. 

  • Course expectations 

○ Students are expected to complete each provided activity within each Edgenuity lesson: 

■ Vocabulary 

■ Lecture 

■ Online Content 

■ Journal/Virtual Lab 

■ Practice Homework 

■ Assessments 

  • Edgenuity & computers 

○ Students will understand the Communication and Progress Monitoring Features

○ Students will have adequate support and guidance through contacting

  • Responses will be provided during the following designated office hours: 
    • Monday through Friday (except on school holidays)
    • 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. 
    • 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
  • After hours emails will be addressed the next working day.

○ Students will access and understand their Progress Report. 

○ Grading Policy 

■ Thresholds 

■ Grade Weights 

■ Retakes 

○ Students found to be misusing equipment or program will be given the appropriate discipline and may be removed from the program. 

  • Materials 

○ Students must provide their own headphones/earbuds, pencils, pens, and a notebook. ○ Students may use their own Chromebooks/laptops or check out a Chromebook. 

Notes: Very Important 

  • Notes are required for each Edgenuity course and MUST be turned in to the teacher at the conclusion of the course. 
  • All notes should contain vocabulary words and definitions for each lesson. ● All notes should contain key points of the lesson. This may include formulas, charts, and diagrams, etc. 
  • Students will choose from the following formats for their notes: guided notes, eNotes, or handwritten notes. 

○ Guided notes - 

■ Use the Edgenuity Guided Notes feature to take notes for each lesson. This feature is explained in the orientation video. 

■ Keep all guided notes in a folder or binder. 

■ Clearly label the student’s name and course on the front of the folder or binder. 

○ eNotes - 

■ Use the Edgenuity eNotes feature to take notes for each lesson. This feature is explained in the orientation video. 

■ No folder or binder is required. 

○ Handwritten notes - 

■ Keep notes for each lesson in a notebook. 

■ Use a separate notebook for each course. 

■ Clearly label the student’s name and course on the front of the notebook. 

Use of Edgenuity outside of Classroom 

  • Permitted from home or off-site: 

○ Lecture 

○ Activities/Assignment 

○ Summary 

○ Quizzes 

○ Tests 

Progress/End of Course 

  • Follow the Course Map for each course to stay on track. The course map is a daily assignment calendar that lists each assignment due for each day. 
  • Parents will receive a daily Edgenuity email with their student’s progress and may request the Parent Portal code for access to detailed student progress. 
  • Students who fall behind and land in the red progress level will have a lower grade in the course until the student is back on track. Follow the Course Map each day for each class to stay on track! The Overall Grade and the Actual Grade will be the same if the student is on track. The Actual Grade will be lower than the Overall Grade if the student is behind. 



Green - AHEAD 

Blue - ON TRACK 


  • Course completion requires: 

○ 100% course completion 

○ Actual Grade (Relative Grade) of 65% or higher 

  • Credit will be awarded for each course that is successfully completed.