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PUES 2016-2017 Archery Team Roster

Congratulations to all of the members of the 2016-2017 PUES Archery Team.  

Parents are responsible for:
  • $170-  uniform/equipment fee (approximately)
  • $10 - State Tournament fee (approximately)
  • $30 - State Tournament Charter Bus Fee (approximately)
  • ALL Travel for their child to all practices and all tournaments/meets. 
There will be several meets that are held out of town (Lawrence County, Franklin County, Columbia, etc.).
Brewer, Courtney
Carr, Nate
Clolinger, Jack
Coleman, Lleyton
Craft, Jed
Ellington, Aiden
Ellis, Kaitlyn
Eubank, William
Garris, Huck
Hall, Kylee
Hampton, Will
Hand, Henry
Hensarling, Ben
Hensarling, Landon
Hust, Kennedi
Knight, Abby
McGrew, Anna
Nelson, Logan
Parker, Peyton
Pipkins, Hannah
Reed, Caleb
Reid, Dash
Seymour, Ella Brook
Smith, Jackie
Stafford, Maddie
Stout, Alex
Stringer, Britt
Sullivan, Jack
Sumrall, Caden
Walter, Caden

Notice: This roster is subject to change due to students' grades, attendance, coachability and behavior.