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Dillon to Continue Serving as Member of MASS Board of Directors

Dr. Matt Dillon

July 15, 2022

PETAL, Miss. – Petal School District Superintendent Dr. Matt Dillon will continue his service to the Mississippi Association of School Superintendents (MASS) as a member of its board of directors.

Since its founding in 1969, MASS has grown into a nationally recognized coalition that provides state-of-the-art training and mentoring programs for educators throughout Mississippi while advocating year-round for improved public schools. The association regularly evaluates the composition of its board to ensure it includes the appropriate skills, experience, and perspectives necessary to improve outreach and efficacy.

With a 22-year career invested in public education, Dillon will continue to work with fellow directors to build a world-class education system for Mississippi and provide professional development opportunities for superintendents, teachers, and administrators. The board will also advocate for increased support for public schools via engagement with members of the State Legislature, the Mississippi Department of Education, and other groups.

“Dr. Dillon is a proven leader whose knowledge and experience are essential in helping MASS become a more effective organization,” said Dr. Phil Burchfield, executive director for MASS. “We rely on directors who understand the unique needs and challenges of our public schools and can help MASS drive improved outcomes for our members, school districts and communities.” 

As part of its outreach and advocacy, MASS develops media campaigns to raise awareness about crucial issues in Mississippi. They have included Unleash Possible, which addresses the state’s teacher shortage, and the award-winning 30 Seconds Can Save a Lifetime, which focuses on school bus safety.

MASS also works aggressively with state leaders to develop more robust recruiting and hiring practices for Mississippi’s public schools as well as better pay, stronger certification standards and other incentives to build and strengthen Mississippi’s teacher workforce.

“Everyone in Mississippi has a vested interest in the success of our public schools, and MASS is doing its part to raise expectations and standards,” said Dillon. “I look forward to continuing my work with the board of directors and the MASS team to build a better future for Mississippi through improved public education.”

The Mississippi Association of School Superintendents and the Alliance of Educational Leaders of Mississippi is a non-profit association whose membership is made up of 139 public school superintendents and more than 2,000 public school administrators. Its mission is to provide resources, advocacy, leadership, policy information, training, support, renewal, and public relations services that improve the quality of public education.

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