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PHS, PMS, PES Receive A Rating

Petal High School, Petal Middle, and Petal Elementary
Receive an “A” or Star Accountability Rating
The Mississippi Department of Education released the 2012 Accountability Results today and for the fourth consecutive year, the Petal School District is one of the top performing districts in Mississippi.
Petal School District scores have placed us in the top 5 across the 152 school districts in Mississippi. The Petal School District received a “B” rating or High Performing.
Petal High School, Petal Middle School, and Petal Elementary School received an “A” or Star rating while Petal Upper Elementary School received a “C” or Successful rating. Petal Middle School had the highest student achievement among all 7th & 8th Middle Schools in Mississippi. Petal High School posted the highest student achievement in Algebra among all 6A high schools in Mississippi. Based on test scores Petal Upper Elementary School achieved a “B” or High Performing rating; however, PUES did not meet growth expectations in math, so the final accountability rating was a “C” or Successful.
The teachers and school administrators are to be commended for their commitment to academic excellence, and the community is also to be commended for their continued support of high academic values. A goal of the Petal School District is for our students to be the best in the state, and these latest accountability results once again show our students and teachers are committed to making that happen.
Congratulations to everyone for another outstanding year.