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Petal School District receives 'A' rating for 2015-16 school year


Mississippi Department of Education State Superintendent Carey Wright visited Petal High School on Tuesday to congratulate them and award them a certificate of excellence in the school district obtaining an “A” rating.
Petal School District represents one of only 14 school districts out of 144 across the state to receive an “A” rating for the 2015-16 school year.

Wright said that being recognized for the achievement was no small task.
“When you think about having to ensure that all children are reaching a high level of education, that means focusing in on each and every student and providing them with what they need to succeed,” Wright said. “You’ve got a school district here that really focuses on ensuring that all students are succeeding and succeeding on a very high level.”
The stop at the Petal School District was one of 14 stops that Wright will make during her “Celebration of Excellence Tour,” which runs through Dec. 5-19.