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Petal High School Student To Compete In State Pageant

One Petal High School student will always be her mother’s princess, but has recently claimed the title of queen in the Miss Amazing Pageant for girls with disabilities.

Savanna Thompson, 17, took home the title for the teen division in Mississippi and will take on national competition in the summer.

The first ever Miss Amazing Pageant was held in Petal, Mississippi, and was started by a then Petal High School student.

“It’s a really great program to get into,” said Missy Thompson, Savanna’s mother.

The 10th-grade Petal High student competed in Southaven on March 26. Her mother said this is something she has wanted to take part in for a while now.

“It’s something she wanted to do,” Thompson said. “She competed in it two years ago and got princess and every little girl who competes gets a crown. However, the winner is called queen.”

Her mother said she wanted to try again for the win.

The pageant was held last year, but she did not want to compete because she did not want to participate if her father could not be there to watch. When Thompson presented the idea with the knowledge that her father would be able to come, Savanna said, “yes!”

The pageant consists of interview and evening wear, with an optional talent portion.

For Savanna’s talent, she spoke in different accents, such as cowboy, pirate, southern belle, British and French.

Savanna prepared by practicing in the car and in front of her mother and father in the living room.

“I think it went over well with the audience,” Thompson said. “I’m kind of biased as her mother, but I think they took to it because it was different than all the others. Different than the typical talent.”

Thompson said if she could classify it she would label it a comedy. Savanna asks “Would you like some tea?” in each accent.

“It meant a lot to her because she was able to have fun and meet new people,” Thompson said.

Each contestant is paired up with a “buddy.” This person helps the contestant get ready for the pageant with hair and makeup. Savanna had Miss Mississippi USA doing her hair and makeup this year.

When her name was called out as the winner, Thompson said it was an amazing feeling.

“She was truly overjoyed,” she said. “To see her face when she won, it was really awesome. You could see how surprised and thrilled she was.”

Preparation for interview was a little different, as Thompson did not really spend much time on that. She said she just offered some tips, such as making sure she maintains eye contact.

“We just wanted her to be herself,” she said. “That’s the most important thing. Whether you win or lose, you’re still our princess.”

Next Savanna will travel to Chicago with her family to compete in the national pageant June 29. The pageant will take place on July 2-3. Following a breakfast and goodbye session on July 4th, the Thompsons will return home to Petal.

“They have all sorts of activities planned for them on the 30th and the 31st,” Thompson said. “They will have the talent on July 2 and evening wear on July 3.”

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