• WELCOME TO 7th Grade Math!!

       Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns. 
    Helpful information will be posted here.  Use the links on the left to see topics we will cover each day. 
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     Attention Parents/Guardians

    We DO have homework in 7th grade math!  Students are expected to complete a minimum of 3 practices each week at or above 70% accuracy.  If a student has completed 3 such practices within the dates of the current week, he/she has completed the MINIMUM requirement. 

    Step-by-step directions for completing assignments at home are listed below.  Please follow the steps below to access and complete practices are home. 

    Instructions for accessing Accelerated Math AT HOME

      1. Go to Petal Middle School Website.
      2. Scroll down to the link “Renaissance Home Connect” (click on it)  DO NOT go to “Accelerated Math” link. (This link only works at school.)
      3. Login with your AM login (see below)
      4. Click on the Accelerated Math with the GREEN icon. 
      5. Click on “Open Accelerated Math” under Work Online.  Then, choose start practice or exercise.
      6. Once you complete your exercise or practice, click “SUBMIT”. Your score will appear with a report that tells you which questions you missed.  You can go back to the questions you missed and look at the correct answers. Make sure you ask if you don’t understand why you missed the question.  After you are finished reviewing, click “DONE”.
      7. If you complete a practice, you will get another. (You can complete unlimited practices.)  If you complete an exercise, the teacher will have to assign another.
      8. Tests are available ONLY at school.  Tests cannot be printed or scanned at home.  NEVER TAKE A TEST HOME!
      9. If you complete practices/exercise at home, the teacher will be able to access your information.
      10.  When you are finished, make sure to click ¨log out¨.       
    • Most homework assignments are AM practices.
    • Students are given notes, examples and handouts in class for reference at home. 
    • To reprint or work ahead, Renaissance Place allows access to all AM practices.
    • Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 practices each week at or above 70% proficiency.
    • All AM Tests are taken at school and left at school until completed. 
    Questions? Please email me