When:  July 17-21
    Where:  Petal Primary School
    Time:  7am-6pm

    Grades 9 - 11:  $25.00

    This fee covers classroom fees, lab fees, workbooks, etc.  CLUB FEES will be extra...these are listed in the student handbook.

    Grade 12:  $100.00

    This is a $25.00 classroom fee and $75.00 graduation fee.  You must pay at least $25 for the classroom fee.  The graduation fee covers cap, gown, diploma, etc. and increases as the year goes on:

    $80.00 - August 7 (after school begins)

    $85.00 - January 4 (after Christmas break)

    $90.00 - March 19 (after Spring break)

    English Assignment:            Grades 9-12           2017-18 school year:

    Reminder: If you are planning a college day, your parent must come at least ONE WEEK before the college day and fill out the form in the office. This is in the handbook.