• Wellness Policy Summary

    The link between the health of students and learning has been well documented. If students are tired, hungry, sick, suffering from drug abuse or worried about their safety at school, they probably will not be successful in school. It has become apparent that problems such as poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, substance abuse, depression, teen pregnancy, obesity, bullying, etc. can adversely affect not only a child’s health, but also his or her ability to learn. A coordinated approach to school health helps address some of these issues. When families, schools, and communities work together to reinforce positive healthy behaviors students will learn the importance of healthy habits.  Their health and capacity to learn improves as they learn that good health and learning go hand in hand. A coordinated approach to student health helps ensure that students develop healthy habits early in life and remain healthy throughout their lives. 
    All students at Petal Upper Elementary School shall possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make healthy choices that promote healthy lifestyles. All staff at Petal Upper Elementary School are encouraged to model healthful eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life. 

    To meet this goal, Petal Upper Elementary School adopts this school wellness policy with the following commitments to implementing a coordinated approach to school health. This policy is designed to effectively utilize school and community resources and to equitably serve the needs and interests of all students and staff, taking into consideration differences in culture. 
    To view the wellness policy in full, click here.