• Welcome to Petal Primary Library!  
    7:00-7:40            Open Library     -   Students may return and check out books.   
    7:40-8:00           Planning/Interventions 
    8:00-8:40           Special Services Class/ Pre-K
    8:40-9:30           Kindergarten Class
    9:30-10:20         Kindergarten Class
    10:20-11:10        2nd Grade Class 
    11:10-11:40        Lunch (library closed)
    11:40-12:30        2nd Grade Class 
    12:30-1:20          1st Grade Class 
    1:20-2:10            1st Grade Class
    2:10-3:00            Late Bus duty  
    ***The schedule may change from time to time due to special needs and activities. 
    >  We have eBooks available.  From the PPS homepage, click the "en.childrenslibrary.org" link located on the left underneath Shortcuts.  In the center of the Children's Library website, click READ BOOKS.
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