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     Petal High School
    SOS Signs of Suicide® Prevention Program

    This award winning, evidence based suicide prevention program teaches students how to identify signs and symptoms of depression in themselves and their friends, teaching them how to respond effectively. This program teaches peer to peer messaging using the ACT acronym: Acknowledge that there may be in issue, Let your friend know that you Care, and Tell a trusted adult.

    Students will watch a video called Friends for Life and participate in a short discussion facilitated by our school counselors, behavior health counselors, or behavior specialists.  Students will also have the opportunity to complete a response card indicating whether or not they wish to talk to one of our behavior health counselors about themselves or a friend.  Our behavior health counselors will follow-up with the response cards within 24 hours and notify parents of any concerns.  If you do NOT wish for your child to participate in the SOS High School Program, please click HERE to opt out. 

    Program Schedule

    9th-10th grades

    September 8th and 10th

    10th-11th grades

    September 14th and 15th

    Please contact Stacy Fortenberry or Julie Fondren with questions.