•  Apryle
    About Me:
     Hi! My name is Apryle Knight. I teach math and language at PES to the best students in the whole wide world. I am a    social butterfly who loves people and animals. I have two dogs, Molly Jo and Maggie, they are my babies! I also have a    wonderful family who supports me always! I attend Carterville Baptist Church and teach second grade Sunday School. I    love to shop, workout, and eat really yummy food!
     A couple of my favorite things:   
              Food: Mexican :)
              Color: Teal Blue
              Clothing Store: The Limited
              Sport: Football
              Movie: Marry Poppins
              Thing: Coffee/ Anything Pumpkin
              Restaurant: Cotton Blues   
              Drink: Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper from Sonic
              Treat: Chocolate Chip Cookie
              Candy: Fave Red Starburst
              Teaching Item: Markers
            Starbucks Order: Soy Latte
    My Education
     I have lived and grown up in Petal my whole life, class of PHS 2010. I love Petal and I am so glad to be a part of the school district. I graduated from JCJC in 2012 and went on to USM to get my special education degree. I graduated from USM in December 2014. 
    Current Curriculum
    7: 35-10:05 ELA     12:10-2:30 Math