Welcome to Mrs. Poole’s 6th Grade STaR Class!

    All In! 





    Contact Information:

    Text with SchoolStatus:   6:30 am - 3:30 pm Monday-Friday

    Email: niki.poole@petalschools.com

    PUES Office: 601-584-7660



    Planners: The planner is an integral part of your child’s day at Petal Upper Elementary School. Homework and important announcements will be documented in the planner daily. Personal goals for each nine weeks are in the front of the planner along with data from assessments. Your child will need his/her planner every day and is responsible for recording all information pertinent to him/her.  Daily signature of a parent is not required.

    Google Classroom: All announcements, events, assessments, assignments, important dates, etc. will be posted in my Google Classroom via a weekly schedule along with a schoolwide post in PUE's Google Classroom.  This is the primary source of information for your child and the best way for you to see what he/she is doing in STaR and to stay informed.  Students will be thoroughly trained on how to use this tool in order to navigate through Google Classroom successfully.  Please check these resources for your first stop for information.

    Responsibilities:  Expectations and procedures are clear and consistent.  If your child chooses not to meet the responsibilities of the signed agreement, he/she will “sign in” to document the occurrence, and you will receive a School Status text as well.  Consequences will be noted in the planner: “NR” written in the planner indicates No Recess. If a note is in the planner, please sign - indicating you have read and discussed the “sign in” with your child.  It is the student’s responsibility to initiate conversations with and show any notes to the parents.   

    Classroom Information:  Our primary focus will be reading informational text and taking notes along with Reading Plus.  Your student will need his/her STaR notebook every day to complete assignments. Homework is simply to review notes as preparation for assessments, and there will be one project per 9 weeks.  The requirements and rubrics for these will be sent home several weeks ahead of the due date.  Students are required to have earbuds every day to complete assignments.  Not having earbuds constitutes a sign in. I recommend keeping an extra pair in the backpack.  Students are responsible for being prepared for class daily.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time throughout the year. I am looking forward to a great year in 6th grade! 


    All in,

    Niki Poole