Robbie Sellers              ROBBIE SELLERS  

                            WELCOME TO THE 2018-2019 SCHOOL YEAR

     I am the Transition Coordinator for the district and work with students in grades 3-12. 
    •   I have been teaching in the Petal School District for 23 years.
    •   I have a Bachelor's degree in Special Education (K-12) from The University of Southern Mississippi
    •   I have a Master's degree in Special Education (K-12) from William Carey University.
    •   I also have certification in Elementary Education grades K-6 and English and Social Studies grades 7-12. 

    As Transition Coordinator I:


    • Work with students as they transition from one school to the next. ( 6th to 7th grade, 8th to 9th grade)
    • Assist students with job shadowing opportunities to learn more about careers they may be interested in pursuing.
    • Assist students when they are about to exit high school with college or career goals.
    • I help students complete job applications, fill out college applications, scholarships, financial aid, etc.
    • I connect students and their families with outside agencies that may provide them assistance.
    • Insure that all students with an IEP ages 14 and up have an Individual Transition Plan.
    • Assist with Mississippi Occupational and Transition portfolio development and implementation.
    • Act as a liaison for the Petal School District with outside agencies.
    • Conduct post graduate tracking.