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    Welcome to Petal High School. As a former graduate of PHS, I hope that your experience as a Panther will be as wonderful and memorable as mine.
    Parents, please be sure to ask your student each day if their assignments for class are complete. Take the time to view those assignments and ask your student questions concerning the class or the assignment. I have found that this method will not only keep you informed on the day to day classroom activities; but, it will also help your student succeed in the classroom.
    I use GOOGLE CLASSROOM to communicate important reminders, assignments, and announcements to my students.  Students may also use GOOGLE CLASSROOM to check their assignment answers or to submit questions of concern.  The GOOGLE CLASSROOM codes are listed below.  Be sure to choose the code for the correct class period.
                                                          CLASSROOM CODES
                                                          Period 1           g5qu7g          Sophomore Algebra 1
                                                          Period 2           f87ahs           Semester Algebra 2
                                                          Period 3           18x2kwo        Freshmen Algebra 1
                                                          Period 4           7fjz4              Sophomore Algebra 1
    Have you signed up for ONLINE ACCESS?  This is an easy way to keep track of your student's progress in the classroom.  I will update student gades each week.  Contact the PHS office or the Central Office for more information.
    PROGRESS REPORT DATES                            EXAM DATES                                      
             SEPT 7                                                   OCT 5-6
             NOV 16                                                  DEC 19-20   
             FEB 15                                                   MAR 8-9
             APR 26                                                   MAY 21-23
    I strongly encourage all students to begin testing with the ACT during their Freshman school year.  Each time a student completes the ACT, that student becomes a better test-taker.  This exam is un-like the exams given throughout the school year.  The ACT Exam is the score used for scholarship purposes and college entrance.  Below you will find the local testing dates.  For more information, you can go to the offical ACT website.
          SEP 9                  OCT 28
          DEC 9                  FEB 10
          APR 14                JUN 9
          JUL 14
    Each morning (Monday - Thursday), from 8:00 - 8:25 a.m., I am available for tutorial services.  This is a wonderful opportunity for students to ask individual questions, check homework answers, catch up on missed assignments, etc.  I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity. 
    KHAN Academy is a fabulous free website that serves as a tutorial for all mathematics courses.  Simply type in the topic and enjoy.  This sight offers video tutorials and step by step instruction as well as additional practice. 
    Please feel free to contact me through my email at gail.shows@petalschools.com
    Final Thoughts:  The difference between impossible and possible lies in a man's determination - Tommy Lasorda