Ms. Rogers

    "The only way to learn
    mathematics is to do
                 -Paul Halmos 

     I Love Math


    Hello, students and parents!  Please select the name of the course that you are interested in from the menu at the left to access the course syllabus, policies and procedures, and other information.  
    Parents, please contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have.  Please do not wait to ask for help!  The sooner I know about a problem, the more I can help with it.  My contact information is:
    Phone: 601-583-3538 ext. 4154

    All students should join the appropriate Google Classroom using the codes below for announcements, weekly agendas, and some assignments.

    Google Classroom Codes

    1st period Advanced Math                     thpwday

    2nd period Advanced Math / DC Trig.     rpburh7

    3rd period Calculus / AP Calculus           tg7dfvx

    4th period Algebra 3 Fall Semester        r2oik4t