Student Services

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    The Student Services Department at Petal High School is staffed by Myra Boyles and Rebeccah Lambert.  This department focuses on recruiting, instructing, retaining, placement and follow-up of special populations students in career/technical education programs.  Our goal is to prepare these students for high skill, high wage occupations and/or non-traditional employment in new and emerging careers. 
    We offer individualized instruction for qualified students primarily in the academic areas which are connected to subject area testing.  These areas include math, reading and writing.  We strive to collaborate with our students' career/technical instructors to ensure mastery of class specific objectives.
    This is Myra's eigth year in the Petal School District. This is her 30th year in education. She has 29 years of experience from five other school districts around the state. She has worked in a vocational center for the past twelve years teaching Technology Discovery for five years and serving as a Student Services Coordinator for the past seven years. She focuses on helping CTE students with their math coursework.
    This is Rebeccah's fifth year in the Petal School District. This is her 16th year in education. This is her fifth year working in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) department as a Student Services Coordinator. She focuses on helping the CTE students with English coursework as well as the English II State Test.