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    Senior Formal Pictures will be taken on July 13th and July 14th in the storm shelter at PHS. You were sent a link to sign up for a time on your Canvas.   On these two days, you can buy a senior ad (only if you are taking your picture that day). 

    If you do not have senior portraits made on these 3 days, your formal picture must be submitted by December 16 at 3:00 p.m.

     Click Here: Yearbook order and Senior Ad Order.

    Project Number 17150

    Senior ads are on sale now.  Senior Ads are on a first come, first-served basis.  Based on a limited number of pages, seniors will only be allowed one ad page per senior. The dimensions for senior ads are 9x12, 300 dpi, and 1/2 inch margins.  Pictures for senior ads, formal senior portraits, and completed senior ads made by personal photographers are to be turned in to keshia.coulter@petalschools.com by January 5.

    Once you have submitted your pictures and information for your senior ad to one of our staff to complete, you will be emailed with final proof for your approval if you are allowed to make 2 changes to the design.

    Senior Ad Pricing:

    Half Page - $100       

     Full Page - $150            

    **A series of photos you provide along with music is put into video form and a QR code for your viewing.  Pictures for the video must be turned in to Keshia.coulter@petalschools.com before December 16 at 3:00 p.m.


     All school-day pictures must be submitted by January 5. 


    Yearbooks are sold online at Herff Jones or from Mrs. Coulter in Room 501.  All checks should be made payable to Herff Jones !!!!

    YEARBOOK Pricing:
    $100 if you wait to try to get one after they come in  

    (Only a certain number of books are ordered and are likely to sell out, so reserve your copy by ordering early!)

    If you buy a yearbook when it comes in, it will be limited and $100.
    Yearbooks will not be pre-sold after February 27. 
    Only 1 full-page or 2 half-page senior ads per student will be allowed! (Unless extras are available after deadline)