• James Vaughn

    Grade 8





    Starting on March 30th I will be sending out assignments each week for you to complete. All assignments will be posted in Google Classroom with the instructions. Read the instructions carefully, check the dates to make sure you are working on the correct assignment, and if you have question feel free to Email me at jamie.vaughn@petalschools.com or through Google Classroom. Here a some Mississippi games/complete if you can??!!

    You should be able to play these on your phone/ LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!
    Mississippi Studies
    Welcome to Mississippi Studies, I hope you will visit this site regularly, use it as a source of information and share your comments with me and others from time to time. Mississippi Studies is a one semester course designed to foster appreciation for the state, its history and its culture. The content will include the geographic, historic, economic, political, and social events that have contributed to the state's development. This course traces Mississippi's economic transition from agriculture to industry and its effort to expand participation of all its citizens in the political proces. The course includes the study of the diverse contributions of the citizens of the state. Additionally, civic concepts should be developed in order to encourage active participation in the political process of the state and nation.

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    Click below to learn more about Mississippi.
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     Hernando de Soto's Path of Exploration and Discovery of the Mississippi River!!!!