• WELCOME TO 7th Grade Math!!

       Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns via SchoolStatus text  or email at darrinda.ford@petalschools.com
    Important Announcements:  
    1)  Please have your child join the Google Classroom for their math class using the codes below. 
    We will post all important information, assignments, and videos in Google Classroom.
    1st Block(1st, 2nd period):  bpxxdb3 
    2nd Block (3rd, 4th period):  5gaqpjj 
    3rd Block(6th, 7th period):  f23qj6x
    2)  Please have you child join their Get More Math class using the codes below.
                           Go to https://gmm.getmoremath.com/signup.html 
    ***  Their login should meet the following requirements:
             username:  student's email name only without "." and @petalstudents.com
       Example:  My username would be darrindaford NOT darrinda.ford@petalstudents.com
             password: their student email password
    1st Block(1st, 2nd period):  GGRHBT
    2nd Block (3rd, 4th period):  DPDVFK
    3rd Block(6th, 7th period):  QLHMHD
     This is one resource that we will use throughout the year for students to pratice skills and demonstate growth and understanding.  We will be posting videos in Google Classroom to demonstrate how to use Get More Math and all of its beneficial features.  
     Use the links on the left to access information about the class.