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    Mrs Cathy Lee 

    Grade 7  United States History                        email


         I am so excited about teaching American History this year.  I have been teaching for over thirty years, ten of which has been U.S. History.   These are strange times in which we find ourselves. I will do everything I can to help your child get the greatest history instruction available.  There are many different tools we will be using this year.  We will be flexible and try many different things to afford each student the best education as possible whether they are virtual or in class or a mixture of both. 
         I look forward to discovering with my students this year as we explore the roots of our country. 
         Our course includes the story of America from the time of the Native Americans through the era of explorers then colonization and finally to 1877, right after the Civil War.  We will discover the events that led to the development of the United States of America including the major events and struggles that made our country what it is today. I hope to instill an excitement for learning about the foundation of our country as we discover the events that led us to our present time and place in the world.
              My class is active and learner-oriented. We learn together as we use critical thinking skills to analyze the primary documents, articles, and other information that is crucial to the understanding of our country's past
         It is my goal through these web pages to allow my students to be involved no matter what. I hope you will be able to share as much as possible of their learning experience.We will do many activities and projects throughout the year . I look forward to an exciting year!

    All classwork for the first few weeks will be done online. Students will be allowed to get a copy of any maps or activities if needed but they will not be turning them in to me. All work will be done and turned in through Google Classroom. I have all the codes for each class listed on this webpage. 

         Students that are doing only virtual classes will be asking questions or making comments using email. 

         Students will need to study for tests which will be given approximately every 2 weeks. 

    Grades determined by various methods but some will be on hold until the criteria from Covid allows us to be together again in classes.
              Group work
              Map quizzes 
              Projects.-Traveling Trunk is the main project done for this class.