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Welcome to the 2016-2017 School Year!
 Petal Middle School
Parent Teacher Organization
Interested in volunteering at the Middle School?
Please email Susan Bounds at susan.bounds@petalschools.com for more information.

There are no membership fees to join the PTO. In fact, all parents or guardians of Petal Middle School Students are automatically members of the PTO and are welcome at all meetings. Your ideas and suggestions are important, so if you would like to share, please contact one of the PTO Board members listed below.
Petal Middle School PTO Mission
"To provide volunteer, communication, and financial support for the purpose of enhancing the educational and social atmosphere of Petal Middle School."

Executive Board Members 2016-2017
President                  Joy Davis 
Treasurer                  Patrese King
Teacher Rep.            
Principal                   Michael Hogan 

Why is the Middle School's Parent Group a PTO and not a PTA?
 The PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a three tier organization consisting of the national, state and local associations. There is no national PTO (Parent Teacher Organization); each PTO is independent. Any parent group that is a PTA, must charge membership dues and work under the umbrella of the by-laws of the national and state PTA. A portion of the monies collected each year for PTA membership dues, goes to the state and national PTA. We chose to be an independent local parent group and not charge membership dues. So this means that ALL parents/guardians of students currently enrolled in Petal Middle School ARE MEMBERS of the PMS PTO. We wish to focus our energy on promoting volunteerism and community, and keeping all funds earned in our school. Is one better than the other? Absolutely not. All PTO and PTA groups are hard working parents wishing to support their child's school.