GRADES 2-6


    The purpose of the Petal School District Gifted Studies Program is to provide Intellectually Gifted children in grades 2-6 as defined by the Mississippi Department of Education, with differentiated curriculum designed to meet their unique academic, intellectual, and social-emotional needs.  Our mission is to provide educational experiences that will enable students to reach their highest potential as future leaders and problem solvers in an ever-changing, global society.  The PSD intellectually gifted studies program standards, desired learner outcomes, and state mandated regulations for all gifted programs in Mississippi as defined by the Mississippi Department of Education.   


    The Petal School District Gifted Program is guided by the following two documents:

    Regulations for the Gifted Education Programs in Mississippi

      • Mississippi’s Gifted Education Act mandates that every public school district within the state provide programs for their intellectually gifted children in grades two through six.
      • The State of Mississippi defines “Intellectually Gifted Children” as “those children and youth who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process.”

    Suggested Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted Education Programs

      • This document, which is the foundation for all Mississippi gifted programs, identifies desired gifted learner outcomes for communication, creativity, group dynamics, thinking skills, research, self-directed learning.  By developing these skills, students work toward achieving the overall goal of metacognition: the ability to understand one's thinking process and thereby, use it more effectively.

    Goals and Objectives of the Petal School District Gifted Studies Program

    1. To provide a differentiated curriculum that incorporates student interests, strengths and learning styles.

    a. Students will complete an interest inventory to be used in planning curriculum.

    b. Students will complete a learning style and personal strength inventory to determine
        teaching methods.

    2. To enhance student self-awareness.

    a. Students will identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

    b. Students will recognize their individual talents and exhibit them in a responsible manner.

    3. To develop creativity and thinking skills   
               a. Students will exhibit creativity skills at appropriate levels according to individual abilities.
               b. Students will demonstrate the use of thinking skills at appropriate levels according to
                   individual abilities.

    4. To develop skills necessary to become future leaders.

                         a. Students will identify characteristics of leaders.

                         b. Students will exhibit leadership skills at appropriate levels according to individual abilities.
    5. To provide a curriculum that promotes lifelong learning         

                         a. Students will choose to participate in advanced classes and/or college preparatory or special area
              b. Through a survey, students will express a desire to continue their education at a higher  level or
                  attend college.

    6. To develop an awareness of the social-emotional needs of gifted learners and coping strategies.