The Shared Decision Making Council of PES provides a means for parents, educators, and community members to be involved in the decisions affecting the school.  This council is integral in achieving the Petal School District mission.  The group meets monthly and is open to discuss any issue or concern brought to them by anyone in the community.  If you are interested in submitting a question, issue, or suggestion to the PES Shared Decision Making Council, please do so by speaking directly to a member or by emailing
2015-2016 PES Shared Decision Making Council

Joey Adamo

Kelli Brown

Jennifer Carr

Jennifer Delatte

Julie Fondren

Kim Kolinsky

Debbie Kreiser

Chelsea McKinley

Kim Morgan

Mitch Nobles

Shannon Rainey

Erica Ray

Sammy Ray

Dana Reed 

Kay Rehner

Michele Rogers

Melissa Simpson

Margaret Tynes

Jennifer Updegraff

Nichole Watkins

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