Mrs. Stacy Sutton


    The ultimate goal of the child nutrition program is to provide nutritious meals to all students daily at an economical price. Free and reduced meal programs are provided for eligible students. The Family Free and Reduced Price Meal Application, that requires only one form per family to be completed each year, is utilized in the Petal School District. Additional information regarding these programs may be obtained at the Child Nutrition Office at 601-545-3020.

    Breakfast and lunch are available at all cafeterias. A variety of menu items are offered daily to encourage students to make healthy choices. The regulation which allows students to choose less than all of the food offered is known as “offered vs. served”. A minimum of three (3) food components at breakfast and lunch must be selected by students.

    Advanced payments for breakfast and lunch meals may be made for the week, month or year. The Petal School District offers automated pre-payments of meal accounts via the telephone or Internet.

    Parents may log onto MyPaymentsPlus for FREE or telephone 1.877.237.0946. 

    Free registration gives you 24/7 access to: 

    • Student cafeteria balances and purchase history
    • Prepayments for breakfast/lunch, with auto-pay capability
    • Low balance e-mail reminders
    • AP exam registration and payment
    • On-line open house and orientation
    • Summer school registration and payment
    • Other fees and activities such as yearbooks, uniforms, field trips and more!


    Payment for meals cannot be combined with other school expenses. Payments are accepted for meals and extra sale items sold in the cafeteria. Parents may prepay for breakfast, lunch and extra sale items by the week, month or year. Returned checks are referred to Invision, which specializes in check recovery. Inquiries regarding student account balances shall be made to the cafeteria manager. Refunds from advanced payments for students who withdraw from school will be made if a written request is submitted to the Child Nutrition Office by June 1. It is the parent’s responsibility to track the child’s nutrition account. Account balances, positive or negative, roll over at the end of each school year.

    Elementary students have limited charge privileges. They are allowed to charge for the day and repay the loan the following day. Students are not allowed to charge any supplemental sale item (ice cream, juice, etc.). Parents will be contacted, if necessary, when the student borrows money excessively. Each week the school will contact the parent regarding the student’s balance via the school messenger system, by individual phone call, or in writing. If the balance reaches -$15, students will not be allowed to participate in any school activities (field trips, incentives, field day, etc.) until the balance is clear or arrangements are made with the child nutrition director. The Petal School District offers automated pre-payments of the meal accounts via the telephone or internet. Parents may log on for FREE or telephone 1.877.237.0946. For more information, contact the Child Nutrition Office at (601)-545-3020.

    Regulations governing the federal breakfast and lunch program permit substitutions for children with special needs. A statement from a recognized medical authority supporting the student’s need and prescribed substitution shall be submitted to the child nutrition manager. 

    State, federal and local competitive guidelines include:

    1. Prohibits the sale or delivery on campus of any food including snacks for one (1) hour prior to or during the regular school meal schedule. This includes sales by clubs or organizations on campus.
    2. With the exception of water and milk products, a student may purchase individual components of the meal only if the full meal is being purchased.
    3. Students who bring lunch from home may purchase water and milk products only. (This includes ice cream.)
    4. Students may not bring carbonated beverages in original containers into the cafeteria.




     Reduced Rate

     Full Pay





















    • Trays should be secured quickly.
    • Refined table manners should be displayed.
    • All milk cartons must be removed from your table and the tray taken to the trash receptacle during your specified time.
    • Hats or caps are not to be worn in the cafeteria.
    • Talking is permitted in the cafeteria as long as it does not get too loud or excessive.
    • Food or utensils dropped on the floor must be picked up.
    • A medical certificate must be on file with the cafeteria supporting any milk allergies that require a substitute for milk.

    Failure to abide by the above code of conduct will result in immediate disciplinary action by the supervising teacher.