• Hello! My name is Hunter Hardy, and this is my second year teaching English at Petal High School. I currently teach two distinct English classes: English One and High School Ready Literacy. Before joining the team here at Petal, I earned my bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from The University of Mississippi (Hotty Toddy!). I hope you're as excited as I am to get started!



    At any point that you may want to reach out in regards to my courses, please do not hesitate to send me an email at hunter.hardy@petalschools.com


    Course Goals: In my classroom, students should expect to work intentionally, develop writing thoroughly, engage collaboratively, and respect the ideas and opinions of others on a daily basis.

    In addition, students will:

         -Continue to develop skills touched on in previous English classes while engaging with texts and concepts new to them

         -Thoroughly develop writing ability through peer review

         -Expand their reading ability to beyond that of a 9th Grade Classroom

         -Engage with materials that require both short-term and long-form attention.