• Professional Learning Communities
    in the
    Petal School District 
    For an organization to learn, each individual member of the organization must continue to learn.
                Without individual growth, the organization will stand still (Senge, 2006).
    Petal School District Professional Learning Communities provide opportunities for ongoing, embedded professional development for all teachers – kindergarten-12th grade – in all subject areas.
    Guiding the work of each professional learning community are the following questions: 
    *What do we want our students to learn?
    *How will we know if/when each student has learned it?
    *How will we respond when some students don’t learn it?
    *How can we extend & enrich the learning for students who have already demonstrated proficiency?
    The components of Professional Learning Communities in the Petal School District include:
     A. Regularly scheduled professional learning community meetings with the goal of working toward the guiding questions
     B. Lesson study
          Collaborative review of specific lesson
          Instructional rounds