• The Petal School District will continue to provide school-to-home instruction through April 17, 2020.  We are in school - we are just delivering instruction in a different format. Our goal is to provide a level of educational continuity for our students by continuing to engage in learning despite the fact that our physical campuses are closed.  

    We understand that the required school closures for COVID-19 will raise many questions for students and families.  Our goal is to continue to support learning for all students in our district. If you have questions, please contact your school office from 9:00-1:00 Monday-Friday, contact your child’s teacher through School Status or email, or email bettertogether@petalschools.com.  

    In an effort to continue to support learning, the teachers and administrators of our schools are working to provide resources through an online learning platform or through learning packets.  Staff have been hard at work developing plans that continue learning for all of our students. Since this type of learning is new for all of us, we anticipate some challenges along the way. To help everyone be successful, we have developed this website. 

    For distance learning to be successful, students need an established daily routine and need to do their best to follow the schedule. Children are used to having a daily routine at school.  While your day doesn’t have to follow their school schedule exactly, it is important to establish predictable activities and routines so they know what to expect. Preparing your child for the day brings normalcy to their life and can help curb anxiety as they won’t feel uncertain about what is coming next.  Additionally, students who succeed in distance learning communicate often with their teachers. Of course, the communication will vary based upon each student’s age and the subject matter; regardless, if questions arise along the way students should always begin by reaching out to their teacher and/or principal.

    We hope that you will take this time to care for yourself, your family and those around you, and continue to adhere to the preventative measures as recommended by public health officials.