• Petal + Frequently Asked Questions

    • Are students required to participate in Petal+?
      No. Participation is optional, but students are encouraged to attend. 

    • Will absences during Petal+ be counted against the student's attendance?
      Since Petal+ is outside the scope of the normal school year, absences during intersession weeks will not be counted against students. However, since limited spots are available for students to attend Petal+, we ask that parents not enroll their student(s) if they will be unable to attend for the entirety of the intersession weeks.

    • How do I sign my child up for Petal+?
      Invitations will be sent to qualifying students with their first-term progress reports. Others may sign up during open enrollment on a first-come, first-served basis, based on available staffing at each school. NOTE: Open enrollment for the Fall Petal + Intersession begins Monday, Aug. 21 and closes on Friday, Sept. 1.

    • If I miss the deadline to accept an invitation, will my student still be able to attend?
      Decisions will be made at the school level based upon staffing. Students who are admitted after the deadline may be required to provide their own transportation. 

    • What will a day at Petal+ look like? 
      While a typical day will look different from campus to campus, Petal+ is designed to offer remediation and/or enrichment in core academic subjects, as well as non-traditional electives in an engaging and dynamic environment. Electives and activities offered have included soccer and basketball camps; music and dance classes; show choir 101; and tours of historical sites around Hattiesburg.  

    • Where will Petal+ be held?
      Petal Primary School: Grades Pre-K - 2; Petal Elementary School: Grades 3 - 6; and Petal High School: Grades 7 - 12. While some schools will be combining campuses for logistical purposes, students will remain grouped throughout the day only with students whom they typically attend school with.

    • What are the hours for Petal+?
      Students in grades Pre-K - 12 will attend from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Some flexibility in scheduling may be possible at the high school level. 

    • Will breakfast and lunch be provided?
      Yes. All students who participate in Petal + will be served breakfast and lunch.

    • Will there be a fee to attend Petal +?
      No. There is no cost to attend Petal +.

    • Will transportation be provided?
      Yes. Transportation will be provided to and from Petal +. 

    • Will uniforms be required?
      No. Students will not be required to wear school uniforms during Petal+. Guidelines will be provided for appropriate student dress. While we want students to enjoy the flexibility of dressing more freely, the ultimate judgment of appropriateness will rest with the school administrative staff. 

    • How will schools handle discipline infractions during this time? 
      We recognize that for learning to take place we must maintain conditions conducive to learning. All students must conduct themselves appropriately during Petal +. Failure to do so could result in removal from the program for the entire week. If a student cannot conduct themselves appropriately on the school bus, they will lose this privilege for the remainder of Petal +.

    • Will extracurricular groups meet/practice during Petal+ weeks?
      Guidelines have been developed for how extracurricular groups may meet during the Petal+ weeks while still encouraging students to rest and participate in Petal+ offerings. Coaches/sponsors will communicate their meeting schedules directly with their students and families in accordance with the district's guidelines.