The mission of the Petal School District is to empower all students with the attitudes, knowledge, and life-long learning skills essential to thrive as responsible citizens in an ever-changing global society.

    In February 1999, a group of Petal School District employees met with community members to begin development of a strategic plan for the next five years.  This team of dedicated members identified a list of core values inherent in our schools. From these core values they formed the mission to guide the schools in preparing our students for the future as well as objectives for that mission.  Over two hundred school and community members then worked in committees to create action plans to achieve our five strategies. Implementation of the first action plans began during the 2000-2001 school year. Each year the Strategic Planning Team meets to assess what has been accomplished during the year, reflect on lessons learned through the process, consider unanticipated circumstances, and adjust the plan and strategies if necessary.  An update report is distributed to parents and the community each year.  

    Core Values of the Petal School District

    We believe that:

    • A person’s potential to learn is limitless.
    • All people have intrinsic worth.
    • Strength comes from engaging the full diversity of the community.
    • Teamwork is essential to the continuous success of an organization.
    • Family is the most important influence in the development of the individual.
    • People can direct their own future.
    • People are influenced more by what others do than by what they say.

    Cornerstones of the Petal School District

    We believe that student achievement grows through:

    • Professional Learning Communities
    • Data Driven Decision Making
    • Ongoing Formative Assessment
    • Strong Instructional Leadership



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