• My husband and me

    Welcome to Mrs. Scott's webpage!


    I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade math and science this year!  This is my nineth year to teach.  I taught 4th grade math and science for six years and middle school math (7th & 8th) for three years.  I am married to my wonderful husband, Kevin Scott.  I grew up in Petal and graduated from Petal High School in 2003.  I have a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from William Carey University.  


    A few of my favorite things...

    - Coffee from T-Bones or The Depot Coffee Shop

    - Chocolate! (Snickers and Peanut Butter M&Ms are my favorite right now!)

    - Going to the movies!

    - Eating out at Tabella, Crescent City, and El Mariachi!!

    - Football and Kickball

    - Watching my students grow academically and socially


    If you have questions please email me at anna.scott@petalschools.com.


    It's going to be an INCREDIBLE year!!!!


    **Go to the "Math and Science - Third Grade" webpage to find information about assignments and links to other helpful math websites.