• Physical Education Rules

    Petal Middle School

    Students will adhere to the following rules at all times and will be subject to consequence for any defiance or misconduct in the classroom. This is a behavior agreement to ensure the best possible educational setting for each individual student.

    Students are required to wear/bring appropriate clothing and shoes for physical activity and are expected to participate every day!


    1. Enter the gym in an orderly fashion, bags in the designated area, and sit in assigned seat.
    2. Keep hands, feet, objects and inappropriate comments to yourself. Show respect to teachers and classmates.
    3. Bullying, teasing or taunting will not be tolerated.
    4. Do not touch or use PE equipment without permission.
    5. No cell phone and/or electronic device usage at any given time.
    6. Engage in every individual unit/lesson we offer throughout the course to the best of your ability.
    7. Parent note (must include a telephone number and signature) is required to be excused from activities for one school day only. Doctor’s Note will be required to be excused from activities for more than one consecutive day.
    8. Gum, candy, food, and drinks are not allowed in the gym/bleachers.  If seen it will be confiscated and thrown away. Students will have access to water fountains.
    9. Students may wear jewelry at their own risk.




    1. The student will be redirected and receive a warning
    2. The student will be temporarily removed from other students and activities.
    3. The student will be removed from all activities for extended periods of time and completion of alternate assignments.
    4. The student will receive an Office Referral 

    *Some situations may warrant an immediate office referral.

    In the event of an injury, it is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher immediately.

    Behavior Contract

    I have read and fully understand the rules and consequences of the Petal Middle School Physical Education Department.  I will accept the consequences that I receive if any of these rules are broken and will attempt to identify and change any inappropriate behaviors that I may display in class.



    Student’s Signature

    ____________________                                                                    __________________

    Parent’s Signature                                                                                             Date