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Activities Handbook

Students acting in high school play, %22Junie B Jones is Not a Crook%22

This handbook is designed to inform student competitors and their families of the rules, regulations and information that helped develop the rich tradition of competition in the Petal School District (PSD). Participation in Athletics/Activities is a privilege, which carries with it varying degrees of honor, responsibility and sacrifice. Because competition is a privilege and not a right, those who choose to participate shall be expected to follow the rules established by the Activities department and other specific coaches/directors rules for their sport or activity.

Each student represents the district and student body. It is the student’s duty to conduct himself/herself in a manner becoming the student, his/her family, PSD and the community. While an attempt has been made to answer as many questions as possible and provide information on all aspects of participation, it is possible that you may have some questions that are not answered here. Please contact the Activities director with any questions.

The Activities department will enforce all rules and regulations as described in the PSD Secondary Handbook, this handbook and other rules adopted by the individual coach. Parents and students are asked to sign acknowledgement of this document in Dragonfly stating that they have read and understand the information. Students are subject to disciplinary measures should he/she violate the rules and regulations set forth in this handbook or by the individual coach.