This course develops skills related to personal, family, and social issues.  It includes instruction in dimensions of adolescent development (including male and female sex/reproductive organs), family decisions and responsibilities, social decisions and responsibilities (including abstinence), and management of family systems in today’s society.

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    Course Objectives:  

    Unit 1: Dimensions of Adolescent Development

    1. Understand growth and change during the teen years.
    2. Explain the importance of developing a positive self-esteem.
    3. Examine one’s own potential for career development.

    Unit 2: Family Decisions and Responsibilities

    1. Determine choices involved in establishing a lifestyle.
    2. Develop an understanding of the role of dating.
    3. Develop an understanding of love and commitment.
    4. Evaluate steps to building a marriage.
    5. Recognize the demands of responsible parenting.

    Unit 3: Management of Family Systems

    1. Evaluate the dynamics involved in preserving the family as a unit.
    2. Develop coping techniques for individuals dealing with crisis in the family.
    3. Explore the aspects of domestic violence.
    4. Utilize resources and technology in managing multiple roles of family members.
    5. Analyze factors of balancing work and family.
    6. Discuss career options working with human service occupations.