About Me...
    I have been an English teacher at Petal High School for eleven years.  I teach World Literature/English II and Accelerated English II. I love what I do, mostly because no two days are ever alike, and I get to teach two things I really love: Reading and writing. I received my Bachelor of Arts in English Licensure from the University of Southern Mississippi in 2009. In August 2013, I completed a Master's Degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English at William Carey University. I became a National Board Certified Teacher in December 2017.
    I have been married to my wonderful husband, David, for ten years. He is a science buff and teaches Chemistry and Biology at PHS. We have two sons: Turner (age 5) and Shepherd (age 2). Our boys are our greatest love and joy!  We also have a chocolate lab named Jonah. My family and I are active in our church, and in our free time, we enjoy traveling and spending time with family and friends. We love warm weather and water fun! I love reading nonfiction, drinking coffee, and being outside with my kiddos.
    I have a passion for student learning and student success. I believe all students can grow and improve. I tell my students, "Writing is a journey NOT a destination." Learning is never final. I try to model this in my classroom. 
    I LOVE teaching English, and I LOVE being a Petal Panther!
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