• Week(s) of: November 7 - November 18
    Stress Management
    During this unit, students will be learning about the following topics:
    -Physical, mental, emotional, and social stressors
    -Effects of stress
    -Defensive mechanisms
    -Managing stress
    -Preventing stress

    Other important information: 
    THURSDAY - Students will be presenting current events to the class on Thursdays.  The current event can be on any of the above topics that will be discussed throughout the unit.  Current events need to come from a recent newspaper, magazine, or internet article.  These articles can be printed out and brought to class, or students can summarize the article and provide the source.
    FRIDAY - There will be many Fridays in which students will join the Physical Education classes as they participate in various forms of physical activity.  We will also use these days for student make-up work or review of information covered during the week, if needed.