Cyber Foundations II




    1.        Put your backpacks and other materials in the designated area.

    2.      Bring ONLY earbuds/headphones and pencil/pen to your workstation when necessary.

    3.       Be seated QUIETLY and log into your computer before the bell rings.

    4.       Read the board each day to check for important daily assignments/announcements.

    5.       Follow all student handbook rules.

    6.       Be alert and ready to work.

    7.       Respect others’ rights and properties.

    8.       Courtesy and cooperation are expected at all times.

    9.       NO storage devices (CD’s, or flash drives) may be brought into the lab.

    11.     NO drinks or food allowed in the lab.

    12.    NO hair brushes, combs, picks, cosmetics, perfume/cologne, lotion, etc. allowed in the lab. 

    13.    Remain at assigned station.

    14.    NO magnets allowed in the lab.




    Access to the Internet is made available to students of Petal Middle School. The goal is to promote educational excellence by facilitating research, resources sharing, innovation and communication. The Internet is to be used in support of research and education consistent with the educational objectives of Petal Middle School and Petal Public School District.



    1.     Students are NOT allowed on the Internet without teacher’s permission.  This includes but is not limited to chat rooms, and email.

    2.    Students are NOT allowed to download ANYTHING without permission from the teacher.

    3.    Students are NOT allowed to listen to online music.

    4.    Students are NOT allowed to play games on the Computer / Internet.

    5.    Students will use proper netiquette.

    6.    Students are NOT allowed to type any personal information into any website.

    7.    Students are NOT allowed to change or install screen savers OR desktop backgrounds.

    8.    Students are NOT allowed to add, change, or move icons on the desktop.

     Computer Safety -Click the following Link

     Read and watch the videos about Safety and Maintenance:
    16. Computer Safety
    17. Protecting Your Compuer
    18. Creating a Safe Workplace
    19. Basic Troubleshooting Techniques