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    Petal School District Transportation
    Parent/Guardian Responsibilities


    • Provide for security, safety and any necessary supervision of your student prior to loading and after unloading from a school bus.
    • Understand and support school district policies and procedures concerning transportation and school bus safety.
    • Ensure your student understands the same school district policies and procedures and encourage them to comply.
    • Cooperate with school officials, administrators and transportation personnel.
    • Promptly communicate safety concerns to school administrators and/or transportation personnel.
    • Avoid conversations that may distract a driver during loading and unloading.
    • Acknowledge and support the authority of the school bus driver and his/her reasonable efforts to ensure safety, good order and discipline.
    • Support reasonable discipline efforts of the school administration.
    • Be aware of the dangers involved in and around loading/unloading zones (bus stops), including the dangers of loose clothing, clothing accessories, backpack straps and other loose personal items.
    • Understand students may be disciplined for misbehavior at or near a bus stop or on the bus.
    • Ensure bus stop locations are understood and bus driver has necessary student information
    • Ensure that students arrive at the bus stop no less than five minutes before a scheduled pick-up time.
    • Ensure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather and season.
    • Know that students (K-12) are picked up and delivered to designated bus stops only.
    • Know that a driver is not required to wait for students who are not at their stop in the morning.
    • Know that a driver is not required to wait for parents to receive students in the afternoon.
    • Know the law (Mississippi Code Annotated) pertaining to school bus transportation, as follows:

                37-41-2 Interference with the operation of school bus; penalty
                   (a) It shall be unlawful for any individual, other than a student scheduled to be a passenger
                        upon that particular bus, a member of the public school administration or faculty, or
                        a law enforcement official, to directly or indirectly interfere in any way with passenger
                        ingress and egress or the operation, including unauthorized boarding thereof, of a bus
                        used in public school student transportation unless permission has been obtained as
                        prescribed by pertinent rules and regulations promulgated by the State Board of Education
                        or local school authorities.  (b) Upon conviction of violation of any provision of this
                        section, such individual shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be subject to a fine of
                        not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500.00), imprisonment in the county jail for a
                        period not to exceed six (6) months, or both. Any person under the age of seventeen (17)
                        who violates any provision of this section shall be treated as delinquent within the
                        jurisdiction of the youth court.

              37-41-3 Pupil entitled to transportation (paraphrased)
                      Students living within one (1) mile of their school are NOT ENTITLED to school bus transportation.