• Frequently Asked Questions/Answers

    Q.  Can students have cell phones or electronic devices, like ipods, on the bus?
    A.  No.  The same rules as the classroom apply.

    Q.  Can my student ride a bus home with a friend to spend the night?
    A.  Because of school bus enrollments, this practice is not allowed.

    Q.  Can a parent obtain a bus driver’s phone number to talk with the driver?
    A.  Bus drivers’ personal information is not given to anyone, but the driver
         can be instructed to either call the parent or, a specific message can be given
         to the driver, or a parent/driver meeting can be arranged with the Transportation  

    Q.  If our family moves, how can we find out what bus my student will ride?
    A.  You may either call the school office where your student attends, or you
         may call the Petal School Transportation office at 601-583-4320.

    Q.  Can my student bring a band instrument on the bus?
    A.  Because of limited seating and because nothing can block the bus aisles,
         Band instruments are only allowed on the bus if the student can either
         Put the instrument in the lap, or sit the instrument on the floor between
         The student’s legs (student’s face must be visible), or under the seat.

    Q.  Can a parent view the videotape that is recording daily on the bus?  
    A.  Because of privacy laws that pertain to a parent viewing students other than
         their own, it is the policy of the Petal School District to allow only a school
         transportation supervisor, a school administrator, a school police officer, or the
         school district parent liaison to view school bus videos.