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    Mississippi law refers to riding a school bus as an “entitlement”, which means that public school districts are not required to provide transportation for any student who does not meet behavioral  expectations.

    Parents and students should understand that riding the school bus is an extension of the school day, and the bus is considered a classroom on wheels. The following behaviors are expected of each student who rides a school bus in the Petal School District. Failure to meet these expectations could result in the student’s removal from the bus.
    The Basic 5”---These are the expectations that will allow a student to continue riding the bus:
    • Sit where the bus driver assigns you, facing the front at all times, with your bottom on the seat, feet in front of you, remaining seated while the bus is in motion.
    • Keep your hands, elbows, feet, legs, etc. to yourself, following the “hands-off” policy.
    • Talk or speak to others in a respectable manner with an “inside” voice …..shouting, yelling or raising your voice, and vulgar language will be unacceptable.
    • Follow the same rules as at school concerning cell phones, ipods, and
      all other electronic devices…students will be expected to leave them at home.
    • Keep food and drinks in your bags at all times while on the school bus.
    • Refrain from making obscene gestures, horse-playing, and throwing objects on the bus or out the window.
    • Take care of  school bus property, and report anyone who cuts or tears bus seats or
      damages property in any other way.
    • Keep toys, games, spray colognes, hair sprays, deodorant, etc. at home or in your bags.
    • School rules concerning fighting and the use or possession of weapons, tobacco, alcohol, and/or drugs will be enforced on the school bus.
    • A student will bring a band instrument or any large item on the bus only if it will fit in the student’s lap or on the floor between the student’s legs, without hiding the student’s face.
    • Follow the school dress code policy…..keep uniform shirts on…pants up…..no hats !!!
    • Other behaviors that the bus driver feels to be unacceptable will be addressed with the
      student, and the student is expected to obey the driver when told to correct or discontinue a specific behavior.  
    Continuous violation of any of the above behavioral expectations will be subject to the bus discipline ladder process as described in another section..  (Special education laws will be applied as needed.)

    The following misbehaviors are subject to the same discipline as described in the school’s student handbook, as well as subject to removal from the bus.

    1. Fighting between students on the bus
    2. Possession or use of a weapon on the bus
    3. Possession or use of illegal substances on the bus
    4. Any other action that might occur on the bus, but would be a Step 4 or higher offense if committed on campus (i.e. sexual misconduct, assault)