• School Bus Discipline Ladder
    Parental Contact Form This form is sent home for a parent to read, sign, and return to the bus driver. THIS IS THE FINAL WARNING FROM THE BUS DRIVER BEFORE A STUDENT’S PRIVILEGE TO RIDE THE BUS IS REVOKED!
    Discipline to Principals Begins AFTER the Parental Contact Form has been issued and the student’s misbehavior continues. The bus driver will record the  student’s misbehavior in detail on a School Bus Incident Report Form.  This form will be sent to the principal, with a copy of the Parental Contact Form attached. Once the student gets to this stage,
    there will be no going back to the warning stage. The principal will have no option here, except to remove the student from the bus.
    • STEP 1 -- 2 Days Off Bus  ----- 10 school days probation
    • STEP 2 -- 5 Days Off Bus  ----- 15 school days probation
    • STEP 3 -- 10 Days Off Bus ---- 20 school days probation
    • STEP 4 -- 20 Days Off Bus ---- no probation
    • STEP 5 -- Off the bus for the remainder of the school year
    *A student cannot return to the same step more than one time, regardless of probation period!