Use these tips to help with homework, using the same method as taught in class!

    Students are expected to be able to identify which math operation to use to solve the word problem, as well as multi-step word problems.

    Steps to Rounding a # to the nearest tens, hundreds, or thousands:
    1. Underline the place value that you're rounding to.
    2. Circle the # that follows the underlined digit.
    3. Decide if the circled # is 5 or more and add 1 more (to the underlined digit) or 4 or less and let it rest (").
    4. If it is 5 or more, then put a "+1" above the underlined digit. If it is 4 or less, do nothing.
    5. Write you answer, beginning with the correct first #. Then every digit after the underlined # turns into zeroes (hence the circle).