• Please use these tips below to carry-over the skills they are learning in class, to help with homework or just extra practice.

    Students are expected to be able to write and identify different types of sentences, as well as sentence fragments, as well as grammar.

    Spelling Words:
    The students are expected to not only learn how to spell these words, but also expected to learn the word parts and syllable types and patterns of the words.

    Students are expected to know the meaning of these words, as well as be able to use them correctly in a sentence.

    *You can help by simply discussing these words with your child, using them in sentences, googling information about the word on the computer, and discuss the vocabulary when out in the community with your child. -EVERY moment can be a TEACHABLE moment!

    Reading Books:
    The students will begin practicing reading SRA Multiple Skills Series books/answering questions that follow at independent level once they are ready.
    The students can choose their own book to read in their "free-reading" time at their own leisure.
    The teacher will also read-aloud AR books to the class
    I encourage ALL students and PARENTS to read together for at least 40 minutes per day, as much as possible. I believe that this will definitely teach them not only to read better, learn new vocabulary, but also the importance of reading as well.

    If your child is in the fluency club, they are expected to read their fluency passage each night, with the parent signing initials under the date read. Please see the top of the parent signature page for the expected minimum number of words to be read the first time they read the passage.