• This unique situation has prompted many questions.  Our goal is to provide as much guidance as possible with the information that we have available at the time.  These questions will be updated as new guidance is given.

    •   How will grades be determined for the fourth nine weeks?  Will my child be promoted to the next grade at the end of the year?

    Student participation in the at home learning activities will be used in determining the grades for the fourth nine weeks.  Final averages and promotion will be determined by looking at the student’s performance during the entire school year.  

    • Will my child be required to take the end of year state tests since these are graduation/promotion requirements in some grades?

    The Mississippi Department of Education has waived the assessment requirement for 2019-2020.  Therefore, students will be exempt from testing this year.

    • What do I do with the chromebook that I checked out from the school?

    Chromebooks will be returned at the completion of the at-home learning process.  More information will be shared when plans are finalized.

    • When do we turn in school or classroom materials that we have at home (library books, teacher classroom books, band instruments, calculators)?

    As plans are developed for the return of chromebooks, we will also plan to accept other items at that time.

    • What will happen with the yearbook that I ordered?

    Yearbooks will be distributed to students when they arrive.  These are usually delivered in May. At that time, parents will be contacted and a plan for pick-up will be made.

    • When can my child try out for a team/club/activity for next year?

    We want all children who are interested to have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.  At this time, we do not know when we will be able to proceed with try-outs for athletic teams or fine arts programs.  Once we know more about when the shelter-in-place is lifted, we will be able to make plans for these try-out opportunities.  We will communicate these through all of our social media accounts and Google Classroom.

    •  Will the parent night introducing my child’s next school be rescheduled?

    We hope to be able to offer those transition opportunities, but will base our final decisions on the directives that we receive from the governor and health officials.

    •  Some of my child’s medications are still at the school, so how can I get those back?

    When the shelter-in-place is lifted in our state, nurses will be contacting parents to make sure that all medications are returned.  If you need this medication immediately, please email your school’s nurse. 

    PPS Specific

    •  Will PPS have Panther Prep and Kindergarten Jumpstart?

    At this time, we do not have an answer to these questions. This will be determined once the governor gives guidance on when school campuses will reopen. 

    •  I missed the date for Kindergarten Roundup.  When is my child going to be screened for Kindergarten? 

    Kindergarten Roundup screenings will take place April 20th-May 8th. Please visit the PPS website for a link to Kindergarten Roundup to get your child started in this process. If you missed the deadline of May 8th, we will register and screen these students in the summer during district wide registration.