Degrees and Certifications:

-Lumberton Fire Department volunteer firefighter and First Responder -Peer Support Counselor for First Responders -Drug and Alcohol Counselor/Mentor -Certified MP and Law Enforcement Instructor -Domestic Violence Instructor -De-escalation Techniques Instructor -Suicide Prevention Instructor -Nursing Degree -Military Police & MP State Instructor MS State Guard (Army) -Nationally Certified School Resource Officer -Certified Rapid Response/Active Shooter Training -Crisis Intervention Team Officer

SRO/Police Officer Tiffany McClure

Tiffany McClure moved to Mississippi from Minnesota in 2010.  She has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.  She has a degree in nursing and is currently working on her degree in Psychology.  She is a member of the MS State Guard (Army) where she serves as an MP and Military Police Instructor.  She has worked in both corrections and law enforcement for over 5 years and 15+ years in the field of psychology.   Tiffany serves with Lumberton Fire Department as a volunteer firefighter and first responder.  Tiffany worked as a child abuse investigator.  She is a peer support counselor for first responders as well as a drug and alcohol counselor/mentor.  She is a certified MP Instructor and Law Enforcement Instructor and teaches domestic violence, de-escalation techniques, and suicide prevention. 


MS Association of Gang Investigations (MAGI)

MS Association of School Resource Officers (MASRO)


MS State Guard (Army) 

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