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  • The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.”-Emile Zola

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    What to Expect

    -Art IV is a course designed for highly motivated students who are committed to the study and creation of visual art.  Students in this course will prepare a portfolio of their best work to be submitted for discussion and evaluation at the end of the semester.  Students will concentrate in a particular medium, art style, and/or subject matter. Students are expected to complete a project every two weeks.


    Points of Interest

    -Students in Art IV should be committed to success, self-motivated, and willing to take on the responsibility of their own learning in visual art.  A great deal of time and work will be necessary to produce the high quality work that is expected of a serious, focused investigation into a discipline in which the student is interested.



    A mid-semester portfolio evaluation will occur at the end of the 3rd Term and a final portfolio evaluation will occur at the end of the semester.  


    Portfolio Development

    Studio projects will be completed as a sustained, critical, and creative investigation into a particular medium, art style, and/or subject matter.  You will develop a portfolio of 9 works of art that contain all three aspects of portfolio development: quality, concentration, and breadth. To meet the required number of works, students should complete a project and submit it for discussion and evaluation every 2 weeks.   Projects are graded based on concept, design, technical quality, and personal investment/work habits. A general rubric will be used for assessing each individual project, however, you are at a level in your art education where the rubric will need to be modified for many projects based on the independent, individualized nature of your artistic investigations. In these cases, you will be graded on how well you met the objectives agreed upon by you and Mrs. Evans.  Bear in mind, if you don’t complete a project every 2 weeks, you will fall behind and struggle to catch up.



     Bell Work Warm-up Sketches 

    -Bell work sketch prompts will be posted on the board each day and will be turned in every other Friday.  These prompts are meant to be creative warm-up exercises and are important to put you in the proper frame of mind before you begin your work for the day.  The student is expected to complete the bell work sketches each day and keep it in their art folder until it is due. Bell work that is missed due to an absence or school related absence must be made up as soon as the student returns to class; this is the student’s responsibility. Late bell work will be accepted, however, a late deduction will be included. 


    Art Journals

    -You are expected to maintain a sketchbook/journal throughout the course, in which you will include your visual ideas, notes, photos (for reference, inspiration, etc.), doodles, plans, short assignments, quick sketches, and experiments with various techniques. You are expected to use it regularly; daily use is advised. For the fullest benefit, it should be with you at all times. Art journals will be evaluated 4 times during the semester; the middle and end of each term.  

    Late art journals will be accepted, however, a late deduction will be included.   


    Classroom Expectations

    • Get to class on time
    • •Use your time productively. 
    • •Complete approximately one project every 2 weeks..
    • •Clean up your work area at the end of each class.
    • •Hand in your projects by the agreed-upon due dates.
    • •Attendance is critical to success in this course. Poor attendance will have a direct bearing on your grade.
    • •Cell phones can be a useful resource for art research and listening to your music can help you focus.  Cell phones can also be a major distraction. If yours becomes a distraction, I will collect it at the start of each class.