• Welcome to Art III

  • Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.” -Pablo Picasso

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    What to Expect

    -Students will build on their knowledge of the elements and principles of art, art history and aesthetics learned in Art I & II.  Art III is an advanced art class, focusing on academic skills of drawing and painting. It is a semester class that targets students, who plan an artistic career in the future.

    Points of Interest

    -Students in Art III should be committed to success, self-motivated, and willing to take on the responsibility of their own learning in visual art.  A great deal of time and work will be necessary to produce the high quality work that is expected of a serious, focused investigation into a discipline in which the student is interested.


    Classroom Studio Projects

    Studio projects will be assigned on a regular basis and are to be completed in class.  Students will be given a checklist with each project. The checklist will have the objective, due date, and grading criteria for the project.  Students are expected to keep this checklist in their art folder and turn it in with the completed project. Projects are graded based on difficulty, creativity, craftsmanship, and personal investment/work habits. No incomplete projects will be accepted.  Late projects will be accepted; however a late deduction will be included if class time was wasted. Be careful not to fall behind on projects, it will be difficult to catch up.


    Bell Work Warm Up Sketches

    Bell work sketch prompts will be posted on the board each day and will be turned in every other Friday.  These prompts are meant to be creative warm-up exercises and are important to put you in the proper frame of mind before you begin your work for the day.  The student is expected to complete the bell work sketches each day and keep it in their art folder until it is due. Bell work that is missed due to an absence or school related absence must be made up as soon as the student returns to class; this is the student’s responsibility. Late bell work will be accepted, however, a late deduction will be included. 


    Art Journal

    You are expected to maintain a sketchbook/journal throughout the course, in which you will be expected to create at least one drawing per week. 8 Drawings in the 3rd Term and 8 Drawings in the 4th term. You are expected to use it regularly; daily use is advised. For the fullest benefit, it should be with you at all times. Art journals will be evaluated 4 times during the semester; the middle and end of each term.  Late art journals will be accepted, however, a late deduction will be included.  

    Art III Curriculum

    This course is intended to enhance student’s abilities in drawing and painting through experimentation in a variety of media. Students will be encouraged to develop their own personal creative vision, while working on refining their artistic skills through traditional studies.

    Students’ experience will include some of the following: pencil, marker, pen and ink, oil pastels, charcoals, watercolors, acrylics, and mixed media. The class setting is similar to an art college studio class. Students will closely examine the history of art through critical analysis.


    Art Studio Expectations


    • Be on time and ready to work as soon as you enter the room.
    • Cell phones:  During instructional time phones should be put away.  Students may use phones to listen to music only (with headphones) and only during independent work time.  No games, texting, videos, social media, etc. Abuse of this policy will result in loss of the privilege.
    • Talk quietly with students around your table.  Do not talk during instructional time. Be mindful and polite, think before you speak.  
    • Sit at your assigned seat unless I give you the OK to move. 
    • Draw, paint, etc. on your artwork only!
    • Use materials from your box only... don't go into other people's boxes.
    • You are responsible for cleaning your work area and the tools that you used. 
    • Food, gum, drinks, and candy are prohibited from this classroom.  Water is permitted.
    • Students will work on art studio assignments everyday.  Work for other classes should be done at the appropriate time. 
    • Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way... treat them fairly and nicely. This room should be a comfortable place for everyone.